Biographical Information

Andrew Connally

Andrew Connally was born in Fort Worth, Texas on March 11, 1931. He died in June of 1992.

While he was growing up his family lived in Fort Worth and Mt. Enterprise, Texas, then in Pasadena, California and then in Fort Worth, Texas again.

Andrew studied at Abilene Christian College and graduated from Florida Christian College in 1954. He also did graduate work at the College of the Bible.

He preached full time some 35 years. He served as a missionary in Nyasaland (now Malawi) from 1957 until November of 1960, when he returned to the States. He went to Tanganyika (Tanzania) in 1962 for three years and again in 1971 for another three-year period.

After graduating from high school, Andrew had no immediate plans for college or for preaching. He went to work with his father at a defense plant and planned to marry his high school sweetheart, Claudene Franklin, build a house on a lot that his father was going to give him and perhaps at some later date become an elder in the church.

But a wonderful Christian woman, Epsa Wells, who lived in Poly and went to the Polytechnic Church of Christ kept planting seeds into his heart that he should preach. He began to study the Bible and talk to some of his friends where he worked about Bible truths. Finally, he agreed to preach one sermon at his home congregation and if he failed, then he would know that preaching was not for him. As you can guess, that was the beginning, and he never looked back.

Andrew and Claudene were married on February 6, 1952. They had four children, Charles, Marianne, Carol and Holly (twins).

Brother Connally was much in demand as a speaker for gospel meetings and lectureships. He held several debates and wrote many books and tracts. Many of his books and tracts were also translated into Swahili.